Thanksgiving for International Students

JBU consists of students who come from different countries and some of them are unable to go back home during Thanksgiving. This is what some of the International students plan to do during this holiday.

Daniel Madrid, a senior from Honduras, plans to go and spend time with his host family.  They usually have dinner and then play a game after.

Kate Garrison, an Mk from Thailand, plans to go to Tulsa, Oklahoma, to spend time with family friends she has known since childhood.

Judah Ryan, an Mk from Thailand as well, hopes to spend Thanksgiving with his grandmother.

Lulu Kumalo, a student from Zambia, plans to celebrate this holiday with her African friends. They usually meet and cook their staple African foods.

David Ruales from Ecuador hopes to go to Branson, Missouri, to shop and spend time with friends.

Alicia Watt, an Mk from Niger, hopes to have an American Thanksgiving. This year, her family is in the States and they plan to cook turkey, corn pudding, and stuffing.

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