Women’s Soccer Team Excels

On Friday Night, the women’s soccer team played against Texas A&M – Texarkana.

The match was in JBU’s favor, after junior Sara Lachance set the tone with an early goal in the eleventh minute.

JBU went on to win the game 4-1 with Anna Brown, Melody Hagen and Samantha Weber following suit and scoring the next 3 goals.

This victory has started the first winning streak of the 2015 season for the JBU women’s soccer team.


JBU’s annual fall Breakaway is taking place at New Life Ranch starting September 18th-19th, 2015.

Breakaway is a one night retreat where students take a break from academics and get refreshed by listening to God’s word and taking part in different activities and games alongside their fellow students.

The theme of this year is Walk With Him.




Connor Wilkinson’s Senior Project

Every year, the senior cinema students create a film to complete their degree. This year, Connor Wilkinson is working on his senor project,  Save the Phoenix.

This movie is about a fanfiction writer, Thomas,  and a protestor named Jack.

Thomas can’t seem to grab ahold of his reality. All he’s been doing lately is writing fanfiction and his roommates are even getting worried.

Jack is a protester who fights for anything and everything that doesn’t exist or matter such as night light equality for adults, Victorian agendas, and the endangerment of the Phoenix.

Jack finds Thomas fascinating. Thomas finds Jack terrifying, but exciting. Together their protest could change the world unless Thomas asks why her name is “Jack.”

Wilkinson is excited about his movie even though it requires a lot of time, effort and hardwork.

Liesl Dromi’s Music Recital

Liesl Dromi, a voice teacher at JBU,  performed her first recital last Thursday. It was a mixture of German, French and American art songs.

This is Dromi’s first concert at JBU since her undergraduate senior recital.

As a two year old, Dromi used to sing in church. She joined the children’s chorus three years too early and she “had a blast.”

Dromi also did dance for a number of years but music has always been her first love.